Kathryn Lande


Hi there, my name is Kathryn Lande. I’m an undergraduate researcher in McGill’s Leslie Biophysics Laboratory, and the President of the McGill Biology Student Union. As an undergrad, many of the challenges I have faced as a woman in a STEMM field have been minor — discreet instances of sexism or being underestimated, and nothing more. Looking to my future, I know the challenges of being a woman in STEMM will only intensify. However, when I look at the progress that has been made over the last generation by women in the life sciences, I am more inspired than intimidated. With every passing year, the dream of gender equity in STEMM fields comes closer and closer to being realized. Hopefully, my interview will help people see that awareness does not necessarily have to stand in the way of optimism, as it is possible to have minimal negative experiences as a woman in STEMM in the 21st century.